I am the Potter’s Daughter and I am a writer … well an aspiring one anyway. One novel written, one in progress, and so many to go!!! Here on this blog you’ll find my thoughts and some excerpts of my books or stories. I love words (something you’ll figure out if you read through my bio:) and I love teaching people with words. Hopefully you like what you see and read here and you’ll follow me! I would LOVE that! Let me know what you think as you read through the pages. Whether you’re a girl … or guy … of any age, I hope you find something inspiring, encouraging, and edifying!


To be published someday under my pen name when I find a publisher…


A novel written. Don’t look for it, it’s not published yet. Maybe someday.


But if you are looking for a good read, here are some of my favorite books! Fiction and non-fiction alike! 

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